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Zamora playing card Spain 1930 EXCELLENT CONDITION Zamora card, 1930s, Spanish, here for Real Madrid.


HIGHLY UNUSUAL - no producer's mark, a blank.  A bargain at   SOLD £85 SOLD

Zamora Uzcudun Amatller Two Spanish legends together - and one of them in a World legend in soccer, Ricardo Zamora, here with boxer Paulino Uzcudun on a very rare Spanish trade card from the 1920s issued by Amatller chocolates.

Great condition though PLEASE judge for yourself : CLICK PICTURE to see a BIGGER VERSION of this card. 

PRICE includes registered postage:  £35.00 Pounds Sterling

Alcant & Zamora no.1 LA PILARICA Spanish chocs This is special : an end-number (it's card No.1) and featuring BOTH Alcàntara AND Zamora, of the great early 1920s Barcelona side. Further, it's on a named chocolate producer's card, but not a major brand-name, this marque is one of the smaller 1920s chocolates makes, and that makes this version of this card Triple-Xxxceedingly rare. Some faults - scrape to front edge border, tiny tear at top but is is almost 100 years old. Please PLEASE CLICK ON THE SMALL PICTURE, LEFT, TO SEE A MUCH LARGER IMAGE so you know what you are buying. From a series known as "how to play football", this is the rarest card. £60.00
zamora Gijon 1921! Gijon v Barca, with a very early shot of Zamora...  Heavily damaged by the wings of time, so only £30 


zamora Europa c.1923! Europa v Barca action shot... £30 



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